Day 14 – This upsets you

Friday, July 29, 2011
Oh man.  Many MANY things upset me.  I'm expecting to get upset while posting this.  So be warned.

DPS/HEALING METERS - Oh dear God.  I hate it when people constantly spam these.  I have my own, I can see what you're doing.  I don't need you to freaking post it after every kill.  Oh, you're posting for your buddy?  TEACH THEM TO INSTALL THE DAMN MOD!  ARGH!

PEOPLE WHO SIGN UP BUT THEN DON'T SHOW UP TO RAID - Jeezus guys.  If you don't show up, you're wasting 9 or 24 other people's time.  In my guild, if someone doesn't show up, we often don't get to raid. The leadership is burned out on dragging people to raid therefore we're reluctant to PUG things.  It feels like we're dragging them kicking and screaming somewhere they don't want to go.  I understand things come up.  But let someone know.  We have multiple ways to get a hold of us.  Just use them!

PEOPLE WHO AFK WHEN DEAD OR WHEN WE WIPE - Come on.  We're normally running with a druid and a death knight.  If you die, expect to get a battle rez.  Don't die and then go to the bathroom because that will be the moment I blow my cooldown to get you up.

TRADE CHAT - The level of stupidity in Trade makes me weep.  I keep it on for a few minutes when I make a new character but I usually have to turn it off about 2-3 minutes later.  I am amazed that people actually stay in it (AKA my husband and my guildleader).

EXPLOITERS - If you can't do it the right way, don't do it.  Don't use exploits to 'make things easier'.  Stupid.  STUPID.  I don't want a ban for doing something that is an exploit.  Screw you.  Find another group.


  1. Anachan said...:

    Hehe, yea, writing a post about what upsets one can be problematic . . . when I wrote my "Day 14" post back in April, it spilled over into work . . . fortunately didn't have any lasting negative consequences.

  1. Jasyla said...:

    Don't even get me started on trade chat. I've had trade (and general) chat turned off for years. Then last week I was looking to buy the BoE valor bracers and a guildie told me that while I'd be unlikely to find them on the AH, I might find them by asking in trade chat. I reluctantly turned trade chat back on. My goodness. There wasn't a single thing said in there that was not reportable or offensive. Not to mention nothing even remotely 'trade' related. I turned it back off within 40 seconds.

    For me, World of Warcraft is a much happier place when I can pretend that the population outside of my guild doesn't exist.

  1. Exactly. I love my guild, they keep me logging in every day but the rest of World of Warcraft can just go hang. Back in Wrath, I had it on so I could do gem cuts but no longer. It's too much headache :)

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