Thursday, July 21, 2011
My raiding team is stagnating.  I'm feeling constrained by this yet I'm not sure what to do.  Last night, we had 8 people show up for raid.  Two of our members didn't sign up (everyone who did sign up, showed up!), one of them was the aforementioned mage who just had a baby boy.  The other one is our last remaining death knight.  (We had about 5-7 of them that raided back in the day but now they've all left and it's just this one.)  He's great and all I'm just concerned about him.

So, real life is kicking us in the teeth.  Yay real life.  Tonight is shaping up to be a carbon copy of last night.  Which sucks.  People are getting frustrated at our lack of raiding.  Everyone has been very gracious so far, but still.  It's very defeating every week.

However, last week I managed to cap my valor points.  This week, it looks like we might cap them again.  We did some heroics yesterday instead of raiding, and then after I went to take a break, we pugged enough to do Baradon Hold.  So that's a nice little chunk.  I'm not going to kill myself to cap each week but since I want to get some mail intellect heirlooms, I'm not too concerned about running heroics.

In the Hyjal dailies department, Husband and I unlocked the moonwell first so that I could get all my healing stuff, new relic and new offhand. Pretty pleased with that, plus I got some cool stuff for my kitty set.  That's coming along nicely!  I'm not sure what we'll unlock next, I think I'll leave that up to him.  So he can get something nice this time.

I'm just feeling very blah right now.  I need to kick myself in the butt.  Suggestions for doing so?


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