Day 06 – Your workplace/desk

Sunday, July 17, 2011

This is my desk.  Usually it is much MUCH messier.  You can see my wide array of WoW stuff on various parts, my two plush murlocs (my best friends gave me one when they first came out and I got another one last year from another friend), my WoW game card, my collector's editions for all the expansions, my art books for ALL the games (one of my other friends got the Vanilla collector's edition and gave me the soundtrack and the art book), and my WoW card game boxes (I've never actually played the card game).  You can also see my headset, my authenticator (in a little cell phone holder that's shaped like a basketball, I love free stuff from old, now closed down, lenders), an old hard drive from work that doesn't work, a mess of other stuff, some frog figurines, my cork board that I post loot lists on (right now it has lists of the gear I should be getting on my priest) and a pile of papers that I need to file in my filing cabinet when WoW is down, IE some Tuesday morning that I'm not at work.

To my left is my husband's desk.  It looks exactly like mine, as we bought two of them and used them to create Wall of Desk in our computer room.  His is usually cleaner then mine but right now, it's covered in random crap.  Mostly old vhs tapes and things we need to clean up.  You can't see it but on the top of my desk is his blow up 'Bubble Hearthing Pally' ball.  When I got my murloc, our friends bought him a bubble hearthing pally.


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