Day 04 – Your best WoW memory

Friday, July 15, 2011
My favorite WoW memory wasn't something that happened in game but it was related to the game.

One day, I was walking through the house, thinking of nothing in particular, when my husband walked up to me and said "We don't do enough together.  What would you think if I started playing World of Warcraft with you?"

My husband has said that my entire face lit up and he knew at that moment he had made the right decision.  All I know is that my entire body flushed with joy and I threw myself at him, giving him a kiss and telling him that we can get him installed with my discs and then get him a trial account.  He said no and that we should just go buy the game, both Vanilla and BC (as BC was out by then) and off we went.

He rolled up a little gnome warrior named Gnoclaus, I paired his little warrior with my spacegoat priest and we went off.  We leveled up until about level 52 before we switched to Horde.  Where he made a tauren shaman.  By then, our best friends were playing too, so we leveled as a group of five.  Two tauren shaman, a blood elf mage, a tauren warrior and a tauren druid.  We went from 0-70 as that group and it was epic.  Three dps, a healer and a tank.  AWESOME!


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