Despite not having time, I guess I still play a lot!

Monday, July 25, 2011
Our missing mage checked in yesterday!  He's doing well.  Just busy with the new baby and his wife and girls.  I'm so happy that he thinks enough of us to check in.

Other then that, I have not been spending a lot of time in WoW.  It's summer so we have weddings, BBQ's, hikes and other things to do.  However, we got into the random dungeon finder yesterday as a group of 4 and ran probably 4-5 regular heroics to get our valor points.  We're now 1 troll heroic away from our weekly cap and sounds like we'll do that tonight when J gets home from tennis.

I suppose I should talk about 'the group'.  It's our guildleader (who happens to be one of my best friends), his wife (who is my resto shaman healing buddy), my husband and myself.  We always ask if anyone wants to come with us, but everyone else had busy things to do, so it was just us.  We picked up a jerk of a mage for our 1st random.  We got almost to the end of Grim Batol, he started being an asshole (yelling at the dps who is putting out more dps then you, while we carry your ass through a heroic is not acceptable) so we kicked him and got a awesome mage who we tried to run some more heroics with.  But her computer crashes after the 1st boss of Lost City of Tol'vir so she left and we got a warlock who was nice and sweet that we ended up running with him for 3-4 more heroics.  He got some nice upgrades, yay!  And we got all the regular heroics we could so our guildleader could get some easy chaos orbs so he can make weapons.

Which is what I want him to do for me.  So I'm all for running heroics with him until he gets the needed chaos orbs.  And of course, I need to get my truegold together.  Luckily, my mage is a transmute specced alchemist!

I also spent my evening, after the heroics, getting my kitty gear enchanted.  I need to get my shaman buddy to make me the BOE epic belt.  Or I could just wait until I'm honored with Avengers of Hyjal.  I don't know what I want yet.  I'll probably wait.  Once I'm all good, I'll switch back to kitty and practice a bit there.

Still doing my Hyjal dailies every day!  We just unlocked the blacksmith.  So now we just have the ancients left!  Quite fun I guess.  As soon as my druid finishes it, I'll start doing the dailies on my priest.  I can't do them at the same time.  I'm too ugh about dailies.  Stupid dailies!


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