Zandalari Heroics and Valor Points

Wednesday, July 13, 2011
I was dinking around the internet yesterday and I came across a blog post about capping your valor points each week.  It got me to thinking that since my guild isn't doing Firelands yet, maybe I should start doing those silly heroics.  I had plans when 4.2 dropped to do a bunch of heroics on the weekends (since they changed it from 1 a day to a weekly cap) but that never actually happened.

See, this last weekend, I tried to do a ZG with my guild.  But Jin'do kept bugging out.  The jumping troll spirit warriors were disappearing, sometimes in mid-jump, and we were getting over whelmed and dying.  We were in there for so long we got respawns.  Everything up to Jin'do was flawless.  but Jin'do.  Earthmother save me but I almost cried.

We went through 3 dps in that hour and a half.  We started with a guild death knight.  He had to go due to RL so we entered PUG land.  We got a hunter from our server (he was a complete tool we found out) and he wouldn't dps the chains at all.  He left after a few wipes and we got a offserver warlock.  The warlock stuck with us, but I gave up and said I'm done after a few more wipes and respawns.

It was so demoralizing.  I felt stupid and crappy and like I wasted everyone's time.  I hate that feeling.  That was Sunday.  Last night, my husband asked me what I wanted to do, so I said "I'd like to do a heroic. But only if we can guarantee that we won't get ZG."  So I asked in guild, grabbed my two best friends and our resident shadow/disc priest (whom I adore), queue up and BAM!  ZG.  *facepalm*

I'm healing, so we start off.  The run goes pretty smoothly and we get to Jin'do.  I'm nervous, husband pulls the boss and we're off.  Luckily, it seems like Jin'do is going to be nice today.  We manage to one shot him.  My first time doing that ever.  So I got my 140 valor points (or whatever it is).  It's still early, so Husband asks "You guys wanna do another, we'll get ZA this time!!"  Everyone says yes so off we go.

ZA goes well, we wipe a few times because we're in a hurry, and of course the WoW Gods like to make things hard.  But we finish that up too.  (My bracers did not drop. Again.)

But valor points.  The only way I have to get them right now is random heroics.  I probably won't get capped each week but that's okay.  We're going to hit up Nef tonight if we have 10 people, if not, we'll be starting a new BWD or maybe going back to BoT.  Soon we'll get into Firelands.  And it will be epic.

(One of our mage's wife just had a baby boy on Monday so he will probably be out this week.  His new baby is adorable.  And he says that it looks like the new baby will be a kitty druid.  Yay kitty druid!  I'll be sure to put aside the fire kitty staff so that when he's old enough he'll have a fire form!!)


  1. Windsoar said...:

    I've seen sproutlings, priests, and warriors, but no kitty druids yet!

    It sounds like you had a fun time and that's what it's all about :)

  1. It was fun once I got past the nervousness :) But yeah. I'm pretty jazzed about the baby kitty. My guildies' little boy is adorable. I just want to smooch his face!!

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