Day 08 – 10 things we don’t know about you

Wednesday, July 20, 2011
1.  I wanted to be a math teacher when I was in college but I wanted to be a music teacher when I was in high school.  However, I ended up settling for the job I have now so I could start a family with my husband.

2.  I used to be a very negative person, never seeing the good in things but recently I've been feeling more positive about things.

3.  I love to play real time strategies as a team with other people.  Some of my favorite memories of video games pre-WoW was playing Empire Earth with my husband and our best friend.  I'd do base defense, they'd make tons of offensive units.  I was awesome at base defense.  They called me Wall Girl.

4.  I hate TV but I love to watch TV sitcoms on DVD.  My favorites are Community, Friends, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, and Scrubs.  In non-sitcom shows, I like Doctor Who, and Lost. 

5.  My favorite tabletop RPG is Shadowrun.  I usually play a technomancer, which is like a magic hacker for lack of a better term.  They're basically walking, talking computers that don't need any hardware.  I love it.  But I don't like to play a 'typical' Shadowrun hacker.  I like the awesomeness that is a technomancer.

6.  I was in marching band, jazz band and wind ensemble in high school.  I played the baritone first, then switched to flute.  My sophomore year I switched to french horn and I never looked back.  My junior year, I picked up the trumpet for jazz band.  I recently tried to learn viola and failed miserably.  Stringed instruments make no sense.  (Neither do reed instruments actually.) 

7. I have always had a cat in my life.  During my mom's divorce, my husband (then boyfriend) and I got a little boy cat named Pizza.  As we were moving out on our own, we got a little girl cat named Dante.  When Pizza died, we got another girl cat named Windsday (or Wednesday if you're my husband, and if so, you are wrong, it's Windsday).  When Windsday died, we got a little boy cat named Jayne Sawyer Cobb.  Jayne couldn't play nice after a few years so he went to live with my mom and her shop cats.  He's happy there however, he's got a bunch of other kitties to play with.  So right now, we only have Dante, our aging baby girl.

8. I have two WoW accounts.  And I only have two free character slots on them on my main server.  I have at least 1 of every class Horde side, and a priest and warrior on the Alliance side.  I love to make new characters, if only to see the starting zones again!

9.  Over the last year or so, maybe less, I've really discovered that I love to cook.  I have a bunch of cooking blogs bookmarked and I check them often.  Some of my new staples are from blogs that I've read.  Also, I'm apparently a very good cook.  I haven't poisoned anyone yet!  Which is good because unlike my druid, I don't have a poison clearing spell.

10.  I love to read.  In my three bedroom house, one room is solely set aside to hold my books, and even then, my books spill over into the other rooms as well.  I have bookshelves in every room except the kitchen and if the kitchen were bigger, it would have them as well.  (As it is, I have to keep over half my cookbooks in the computer room.)  I prefer to read fantasy/sci fi but will admit to reading trashy romance as well.  I'm lucky because I married someone who reads as well.  He just doesn't read as fast as I do, so he doesn't read as much as I do.


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