Day 10 – Blog/Website favorites

Saturday, July 23, 2011
My favorites list on my computer at home is huge.  I follow a lot of different blogs and websites.  Some WoW, some about cooking, some webcomics, and of course Facebook.

WoW Blogs/Webpages:  - I check this site pretty much every day, even when I know there isn't a new post.  It's just part of my routine. - Generally, I head here next. - Do you see a pattern yet?

Cooking Blogs:

Webcomics:  These are not for kids!!

Humor Blogs:

Plus a whole lot more.  These are just my favorites.  I'm a fan of the humor mommy blogs.  They crack me up.  I wish I could be as witty as them!


  1. Jasyla said...:

    I'm so happy you included some cooking blogs in here. I'm always looking for new food blogs to drool over while I'm at work. I've added them all to my feed reader.

  1. Cooking is my other obsession. I have a entire shelf of cookbooks and a folder full of recipes that I've printed off the internet. I'm thinking I might post some recipes on off days :) I haven't decided yet!

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