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Friday, June 17, 2011
I have bipolar type II.  As a result, I will start something and midway through it, will get distracted or frustrated and stop doing it.  I am a infrequent blogger in my personal life, and I don't expect to be much better on this blog as well.

However, despite making my first post and then abandoning my blog to the nether, I will make more in the future as .... MY GUILD IS RAIDING AGAIN!

Yes, you heard me.  I'm raiding again.  And this time, it's not reluctantly.  I'm 100% into it now.  Apparently, getting a good solid 7-9 hours of sleep a night will do wonders for your motivation!

We did really well for a group just shaking the cobwebs off.  We beat the loot pinata that is Baradon Hold, and then went to Blackwing Descent.  With only 5 of our 'original' group and 4 other guildies, we cleared all the way to Chimareon, aka my bracers, and we're talking about extending next week to get some good attempts in on Nefarion.

We're currently rebuilding our raiding team.  We lost one of our tanks, one of healers and a couple dps to various things.  And we're a small guild so it hurts to lose these people.  However, we did really well, and we got a good pug warlock to fill in our 10th spot.  He got some loot I think, so that's good.  We didn't hold anything back from him, and he seemed happy with us.

There was none of the frustration that we had during the last month of raiding.  So, I'm really happy about that.  My husband was the main tank and my best friend's husband was our other tank.  He used to play a mage but we need a good tank so there he switched.  I think he's just happy to see the content and it doesn't matter what character it is on.  The healers were myself, my best friend and my favorite priest.  The priest is usually shadow but she flips to disc when we need her.  Which makes me really happy.  These are my favorite people to heal with.

Hopefully we will pick up where we left off and make good progress!  Wish us luck!


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