Mog Madness - Mail - Round 3

Wednesday, April 4, 2012
Yay, it's Round 3!  The goal was to use the Wavemender's Mantle.  Which according to my best friend, who has longed for those shoulders since BC, they don't exist.  But still, I made a valiant effort to get it to drop off my least favorite boss in Black Temple.  (AKA, I ran it on Monday night and I ran it tonight.)  It never dropped, so you get a screenshot series from MogIt.

My story for this transmog is that my shaman heard that Hagara went from being a shaman to being a mage.  So, she found her best lightening colored outfit, threw some water accents on and went in for training.  She couldn't pass the initial tests, as she's not a mindless Twilight Cultist.

So, here we have Kaiakalama, formerly Rokaria.

For her head - I used Techie's Hard Hat which I'm actually using right now as a head piece since I haven't played her since she dinged 85.  This is a quest reward from Twilight Highlands.
For her shoulders - We have the required the Wavemender's Mantle.  This in Black Temple of the Reliquary of Souls.
Her back is the Cloak of Malice, which is a drop off Grand Warlock Nethekurse in Shattered Halls, normal.
Her chest piece is the Sundown Vest, which is a BOE green that drops off low level 80's mobs.
Hands are the Gutrip Gauntlets, these are a quest reward from Mount Hyjal.
The leggings are the Electrified Leggings which is a quest reward from a quest in Zul'Farrak.
Her boots are the Sabatons of the Graceful Spirit, which are the BOE epic, Dragon Soul, quality boots.
I used the Vicious Charscale Belt, which is a BOE that you can get made by a leatherworker.  It's a Cata recipe.
Her weapon is the Vicious Gladiator's Gavel, which is the PVP season 9 mace.
And finally, her shield is Tharon'ja's Aegis, which drops off the Prophet Tharon'ja in Drak'Tharon Keep.

I do want this transmog for my shaman now.  Must be all awesome!! :D


  1. Cymre said...:

    That whole set goes together so beautifully. Love the vest :P

    I had no idea with Shammie stuff having never had one, so this round was a tough one for me.

  1. Thanks! I loved putting this together. I think it's awesome looking and some of my guildies pulled shit together to get me two Black Temple runs for the shoulders :D I need to finish it!!

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