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Wednesday, April 11, 2012
I've actually had a chance to play my alts a bit this week as I'm not spending massive amounts of time farming for mogging gear.  (My warrior isn't 85 yet to get the gear I want for her.)  So, I have a few updates for you guys.

I went from level 55 to level 60 on my warrior last night.  She's now in Outlands and ready to rock the clown outfits for the next 8 levels.  Woot woot.  I also managed to get my hunter from level 35 to level 37.  I'm gonna convince the husband to pick up a new toon to level with my warlock, as she's only level 6 right now.

This got my level number to 1921, so only 91 levels left!!  WOO!

On my 10 to 85 goal, I have the following left to do:

60 Warrior, want to get to 70 by end of the month.
37 Hunter, want to get to 60 by the end of the month.
6 Warlock, need to convince husband to play with and then to 20 by end of the month.
84 Death Knight, will get her last level over my vacation in May.

If I make those goals, I'll be almost halfway to my last 91 levels.  I'm thinking I'd like to add another goal, at least 1 Alliance 85 (highest toon is 75 or 76).  However, being realistic, I will then have 10 toons to get to level 90 as well as monk to level.

I wish that Blizzard would put out the launch date for Pandas so I can request time off.  ARGH!!


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