Round 4 - The Trophy Tabard of the Illidari

Thursday, April 12, 2012
The judges threw us all for a loop this time, requiring that we transmog was is probably the ugliest thing in the game.  (This is not to say I don't have one, I do, on my main.)  However, I wanted to do a transmog for my warrior, so here is what I came up with!

As this is a tabard from the Illidari, I thought it would be fitting if I made this a more 'demon' transmog.  Hence the glowing green and demon helm.  What I used was:

Helm - Warhelm of the Champion - This is a drop from Thorim in Ulduar 25.
Shoulders - Brutal Gladiator's Plate Shoulders (Warrior) from level 70 PVP.  (My blood elf is a warrior.)
Cloak - Shroud of the Highborne from Illidan in Black Temple.
Chest - Doomplate Chestguard from Harbringer Skyriss in The Arcatraz either normal or heroic.
Gloves - Refitted Bruiser Gauntlets which from a quest in Dustwallow Marsh.
Belt - Joseph's Spare Belt which is from a quest in the Eastern Plaguelands.
Legs - Augustus' Legguards which is also from a quest in Eastern Plaguelands.
Boots - Vicious Gladiator's Warboots of Cruelty which are level 85 PVP boots for plate classes.
Weapon - Torn-Heart Axe of Battle which is a quest reward from a quest in Shadowmoon Valley.


  1. Marz said...:

    I really love this one!

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