Passed on to Round 3, New Heroic Boss and a Shaman

Wednesday, April 4, 2012
I found out Sunday morning that I've been passed onto round 3 in Mog Madness.  Woo!  This time it was Towa, my fellow resto druid healer in my guild that told me.  Except I'd already looked at the webpage before I logged on!  HAHA!  I remembered this week!!

So, since there wasn't anything up for the round 3 transmog requirements, I did a few HoT runs on my mage and bitched to my husband that I can't downgrade valor points to justice points.  (This has been an ongoing thorn in my side for about a week now.)  Then the round 3 requirements came out and ugh, they required a shaman.  Towa offered her shaman for me to transmog but that would be hard since she's about 3 hours before me so we can't really do anything together.  I have my 85 shaman back on my old server and a new baby shaman here, so I was torn.

I love actually gathering the gear so I can pose and have companion pets and all that.  Plus put myself in a location that fits the outfit.  So I was talking to the husband about this, as well as my guild, and husband says "Why don't you just transfer her over?"  I blinked a couple of times because this didn't even occur to me.  I was thinking that I'd have to go back to my old server where I don't have any monetary resources and would have to beg, borrow or steal to get what I need.  And while I know my best friends would assist, I don't want to impose on them.

So, Rokaria on Madoran is now Kaiakalama on Blade's Edge.  A very poorly geared elemental shaman.  However, I did use up those extra valor points on bracers and boots for her!  Woo!

And, I'll have you know that I already have all but 2 pieces for my transmog.  I hope I'm unique!!  Those shoulders are going to be the death of me!

In raiding news, Myth downed Heroic Ultraxion last night on our 'last attempt'.  Woo!  Yay us!  I was so proud of us.  It felt so good.  And then, when Madness of Deathwing died, a Maw dropped and BAM!  Karegina is now the proud owner of a Maw!  That made me really happy as well.

I've had this post sitting in my edit pile since the 2nd, so I suppose I should just publish it before it's out of date.  My paying job is insane and I'm finishing this up on my 30 minute lunch break.  Man.  I need a vacation!!


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