Furtive Father Winter Event 2011

Friday, December 30, 2011

I have been waiting on pins and needles to see what someone would write for me for our Furtive Father Winter event that is being hosted by red cow rising for Blog Azeroth!  And this was worth the wait.  I love it.  Reading it brought tears to my eyes and I so appreciate this.  Thank you so much Draccus!  Also, you can find my gift to RennaissanceMan at this spot.

I have enjoyed and been honestly stretched beyond anything I have ever done in writing this piece for you.  I pray to Elune that you enjoy and are touched by the sincere heart I have hopefully poured into it.  The story is about your main character Karegina, a Restoration Druid, and the events on a special Winter's Veil night.  Please let me know if you would want me to continue to write or perhaps include you into the Saga in the future.
I have attached the Word Document file, but to make sure you get the story I am going to paste the entirety of it within this email as well.
Sincerely Wish You a Merry/Happy Winters Veil,
Draccus Moonsayer
A Winter’s Veil Night

The grass plains of Mulgore basked in the Sun’s rays by day and kept the ground warm during the night.  The open spaces afforded magnificent views between the tall cliff walls of this secluded valley region.  It was here that the Tauren, a tribal race of Warriors, Shamans, Druids, and other classes within their society, made their home after countless seasons of nomadic living.  The land had formed the tall Mesas that they would call Thunderbluff, a natural city in the sky.

Several hundred feet off the valley floor these multi level platforms held enough ground, rock, water, and resources that life could be established.  A thriving people built their homes, places of commerce, and centers for learning here.  Rope bridges and walkways connected the four giant pillars that crowned the surrounding landscape.

There were the three Rises that held a special place of importance to the Taurens: The Hunter Rise, The Spirit Rise, and The Elder Rise.  It is on the Elder Rise where Druids of the Plains are taught, equipped, and housed when not adventuring out in the world of Azeroth or serving the Horde’s summons.  While the Druids also have a home in the village of Nighthaven within the region of Moonglade, Thunderbluff would always call them back.

Tonight was no different to the hundreds of citizens and visitors passing through Thunderbluff on their travels, except for a small portion of the clan of Runetotem.  This Winter’s Veil night there were tears of departure and tears of joy over a life well lived.  While so many in the Horde were celebrating the season with green ribbon wrapped gifts and sugary treats, one particular clan was celebrating the greatest gift of all, family and the memories had.

A wise old sage by the name of Calmwinds Runetotem had passed on to be with the Earthmother.  The rituals for his body had been attended to by the elders of the clan.  The fire of his funeral pyre had been set ablaze at sunset according to customs.  His ashes had been gathered up into small pouches, that he wished members of his family to carry with them as a reminder of his peace and love he had in life.  Calmwinds was beloved by all and was especially important to his favorite great niece, Karegina Runetotem.

Karegina Runetotem had become a Restoration Druid and fought alongside her companions into the toughest of encounters.  Her healing ability has saved the life of her mate Paliclaus as well as several others over the years far past a recordable number.  She was regarded as a very promising raider and Tauren Druid before she helped slay her first dragon.

The challenges of a world constantly as war it seemed caused her a great deal of stress and anxiety.  She longed for the same serene inner strength her Great Uncle Calmwinds carried with him all his life.

She sat near a small, crackling fire that warmed her against the chill of the night.  In her hands she held a small pouch of ashen remains, all that was left of her hero and mentor.  She looked out from her view on Elder Rise and let the tears flow down her face.

“How am I going to have your joy now that you’re gone Uncle?” Karegina whispered to the wind.  She knew she had much to be grateful for and that in time the hurt would subside.  “You were the Tauren that believed and encouraged me to become a Druid in the first place.”

The soft, wet muzzle of her faithful pet, Dante, nudged her arm. He was a large wolf companion that had travelled with Karegina in all of her travels.  He had been found on the dry plains of the Northern Barrens when he was but a pup and her only a budding calf.  Their friendship was a treasured bond between animal and master that had occurred since the dawning of life on Azeroth.

“It’s okay Dante. Mommy is just sad over losing a dear family member. You remember Great Uncle Calmwinds.  He used to feed you scraps of Plainstrider meat from the table at banquets.”

“And you used to steal bits of Cornmash from the table as I recall Karegina.”  A strange and gruff female voice sounded from the shadows of the nearest tent.  The outline of the stranger’s body in the shadows was much smaller than a Tauren, and her voice was nothing like her husband’s race of dignified Blood Elves.

“Who goes there?  Only an unkind soul would disturb another’s stolen moment of grief on this chilly Winter’s Veil night.” Karegina said standing up now and reaching for her staff.

“Peace sister I did not want to come when the rest of the family was grieving the lost of our Uncle Calmwinds Runetotem.  I…… I thought it best if…… we meet alone.”

“Sister!  Sister!  How dare you claim to be my long lost sister!”  Karegina responded with anger in her voice and a stance that a warrior might have taken against a foe.

“Annanda was my only sister.  Although she was a Forsaken Mage schooled in the ways of battlegrounds and violent Arena life she had more guts and backbone to face a person head on and not slink about in the shadows like a Rogue.  Show yourself!”

“Karegina please hear me out before making a rash decision or judgement.  Okay?  I am your sister Annanda.  I have been away for a very long time and have undergone…… a rare experiment that has permanently changed the way I look.”

The person in the shadows stepped forward into the light of the fire.  A Goblin woman in expensive robes stood as tall as she could and looked directly back at Karegina.  The glowing dagger and wand on her belt would easily be recognized as a seasoned Gladiator’s prize.

“I am no longer Undead sister.  I am nothing like my former self in body, but who I am as a person still remains.  The Goblins and Forsaken have come up with a risky blend of engineering and necromancy to forever alter a person’s physical body.”

The Mage reached into the breast pocket of her elegant robes and pulled out a single ring. This ring was decorated in the finest craftsmanship any Horde jewel-crafter could make.  It was a sister ring, where two rings were fitted together like vines weaving together in a locking fashion.

“I kept our ring with me during all my travels.  Throughout Outlands, the frozen lands of Northrend, & even into the Elemental Plains.  It has been a source of comfort and a constant reminder of the joys of family.”

The Tauren Druid reached into her belt pocket and removed an identical ring.  Her sister ring.  The same one she had crafted for her beloved sister before she disappeared through the Dark Portal into Outlands so many years ago.

“Annanda is that really you?” Karegina said with uncertainty in her voice.  With an ember sized hope she reached for the chance that at last she would be reunited with her beloved sister.

“I am home sister.  If just for the holidays, I am home.”

The two embraced in an overwhelming emotional hug.  A large and powerful Tauren Druid held a small sized Goblin Mage in her arms as they both cried tears of joy.  As the snowflakes began to descend and the air became colder, two sisters were reunited on this special Winter’s Veil night.


  1. redcow said...:

    Too sweet! Perfect for the blog, perfect for the person. Really well done :)

  1. Navimie said...:

    Oh what a lovely lovely story! Draccus you have outdone yourself again :)

  1. Cymre said...:

    Well Done Draccus. That was worth the wait.

  1. Amergamer said...:


  1. Draccus said...:

    I'm touched that everyone is enjoying this gift I made for Karegina. Had a lot of fun putting it together, & I dare say with enough research & careful study of my fellow blogger I could possibly put together a story or add to an existing story for another. Just saying.

    @Redcow Thanks for hosting & staying in communication with me during this event. Great job!

    @Navimie Know you've been eagerly awaiting the next story post from me. Hopefully this entertains you till I write another of many posts in 2012.

    @Cyrme Glad you liked the story as well. Might have to dig into the Blood Elves cannon & player base to explore a new storyline vein.

    @Amerpriest I'm seriously thinking about a potential story development for you since your character Amerence has been introduced slightly in a previous post.

    Alas chocolate chip pancake time then to the beach with Mrs Moonsayer & our eldest alt. My princess. See you all later & Happy New Years,

  1. Anonymous said...:

    A beautiful story Draccus, as Cyrme said well worth waiting for!

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