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Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Sometimes it feels like I have a dark rain cloud over my head.  And that no matter what I do, I'm a whining complaining little bitch that no one listens to.  However, I can be fun and silly a good portion of the time.  (At least I can when I'm not stressed out about work!)

So, fun and silly things that have happened recently...

This last Saturday, we were all gathering up for our weekly raid.  And us druids (there are 3 of us) discovered we were all in Tauren Town and started our usual dance party!

The bear in the left is my fellow healing druid, the bear on the right is our druid tank and I'm the bear in the middle, though my name is not the one that I'm dancing under.  There is another bear standing right there, butt facing the camera.  

So, we start to giggle over vent (we are all women) and soon, people are flipping over to their druid alts to come conga line with us.

By the end, we had quite the little line going.  And I was giggling so hard that I thought I was gonna have to leave the room.

So, that's what we had at the end.  It was pretty funny.  People were flying in just to look.  Good times.

Then, last night, we went out to dinner with our best friends.  It was decided that we'd go and try a bear run in ZA when we all got home.  We did, and we got a bear with like 10 minutes to spare.  So we went back in again tonight.  After the run, I teleport back to Org and while talking to them in Vent, I start running in circles. And that's when I realize that my little moonkin hatchling looks like she's confused and wanting to get out of the circle that I'm making...

So, this is what I do when I'm bored.  I run circles around my pets to torment them.  I also fly loops around Org.  And see how many things I can fit under as a bird.

Anyway.  Those are good things.  And these are reasons I love this game.



  1. Anonymous said...:

    So this is what I missed out on last weekend...looks like you guys had massive fun in Little TB!

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