Acheesements and more dailies

Sunday, August 21, 2011
I haven't been doing a lot since raid last week.  My weekend has mostly been taken up with BBQ's, house painting, grocery shopping and cleaning.  However, I started leveling my shadow cow through Eastern Plaguelands and I got it into my head to look at the guild achievement 'Critter Kill Squad' and see how far along we were.  Well, there was only about 3000 critters left to kill so I drug my 85 priest out to the Terrorweb Tunnel and spent my Saturday (when I was at my keyboard) holy nova-ing my way to glory.

I didn't get it done on Saturday, but when I logged in today, I ground out the last 1000 or so and ...

Stupid, I know.  But yay!  The husband was really happy.  He's wanted that pet since Cata came out.

I've spent the rest of my time doing my dailies on my priest. 

Today, we unlocked the Druids of the Talon.  And ended up spending a ton of time trying to do the achievements and getting knocked off island by the ancient charhounds.  Stupid charhounds.  Besides doing Molten Front, I'm forcing the husband to do the Tol Barad dailies with me.  I have 80 tokens as of today and I need 125 for my spirit trinket.  So yeah.   But I can't do both completely, so I do all my Molten Front ones and then whatever I can do in TB.

This coming week is going to be really hard as I have a vacation that I'm leaving for on Friday and I'm spending most of the week preparing for that.  (I'm spending Friday through Tuesday with a friend of mine's family.)  Plus my boss is on vacation this coming week so it's going to be really hectic. 

However, I finally looked at the new troll hairstyles.  And hot damn.  My lowbie troll warlock actually looks troll like to me now. 

Lastly, one of our friends came back to the game today and we ran a regular random heroic with him.  When we got to Mindbender Ghur'sha (the guy who's controlling Erunak Stonespeaker), the following conversation took place:

It was amusing!!


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