Day 18 – Your favourite outfit

Wednesday, August 3, 2011
I don't really have a favorite outfit but I do have pieces of equipment that has made me happy over the years.

I love my current shoulders, the feathers that molt.  Mmmm, it's so cool.

My favorite hat was the tier 8 druid hat.  It was just a crescent moon.  I loved it.

I don't have a favorite weapon or any other item.  Mostly because I just notice the hat and the shoulders on my character.


  1. Anachan said...:

    Most of the time, my hat ends up hidden, but I did wear the tier 8 one. All the Druids in my guild (we ran a regular forest at the time) teased each other about wearing Sailor Moon headgear, but at least the hat didn't interfere with our hairstyles or make us look like some unidentifiable monsters from the deep . . .

  1. Exactly. It was tasteful (sort of) and understated. I loved it so much. It was the only hat I've ever shown for a long period of time. Well, wait. I guess I show my current hat because it matches my shoulders and I look like a cow-bird! MooCaw!

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