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Thursday, August 18, 2011
I was so happy and excited over our successes last night that I didn't get to sleep until 1 am and then woke up at 6 am.  I don't care.  It felt so good to succeed.  

Due to our roster issues, we had pugged a hunter last week.  And this week, we invited him back to finish off Blackwing Descent.  He'd never seen the fights before but he looked them up online and did a lot of research and was READY!  I loved that.  He would die to some mechanics that he didn't understand from just watching the videos and reading the strats, but he would rarely die to the same mechanic twice.  It was awesome.  

Apparently, he had been interested in joining our guild last week but our guildmaster asked him to hold off and take his time.  So this week, we down Nef and there's a little conversation in Officer chat about how we would love to have him join us but if he wanted to just raid with us under a different guild tag, that would be great too.  

Our raid team regroups and heads to Bastion of Twilight next.  We one shot Halfus, two shot the Twins (people didn't group up for the Blackout and the meteors), one shot the Council (which was a first kill for us) and then saw Cho'gall for the first time.  We did have 1 guy in our raid who had seen it on a different toon, but the rest of us were fresh.  I didn't listen to the strat, nor to the abilities.  (I was still in shock from Nef's death.) And still, we got him to less then 200,000 on our first attempt.  And then POW!  Second attempt, he dropped.  

And best part, right after the Twins, our pug hunter joined our guild.  So our first Cho'gall kill was a full guild group.  Yay!

As for uptime on Harmony.  I did okay on some fights but bad on others.  Even with a HUGE power aura saying "Hey idiot, Harmony isn't up", I managed to only get 81.7% uptime.  And that was my best fight (Nef).  On the Twins, I only managed to get 49.2% uptime.  Every other time was 73.1% (Halfus), 64.4% (Council) and 71.0% (Cho'gall).  I need to figure out a few tricks to keep that up a lot more.  

Then there's overheal.  My best was only 16.5% overheal.  But my worst was 52.6%.  However, I think that's skewed a bit.  Every other fight was about 30%.  Give or take a bit.  I could do better.  But sometimes my hots get stomped :)  (I'm running with a resto shaman and a disc priest.)

Lastly.  I'd like to put a shout out to my beloved raid team from last night.

Our tanks: Paliclaus (prot pally) and Alama (prot warrior)

Our healers: Shonokoko (resto shaman),  Bachué (disc priest) and myself (Karegina, resto druid)

Our Melee: Indale (assassination rogue)

Our Ranged: Payne (survival hunter), Pyrodoom (fire mage), Slipknoth (beast mastery/survival hunter), and Kahlanah, (affliction warlock)

Good job guys.  I've never been more proud of you then today.  


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