No more dailies! (Or am i wrong?)

Sunday, August 14, 2011
My delightful main got all the achievements from the Molten Front and the pet from the satchel.  So now I don't 'have' to run them anymore.  (I'm extremely happy about that.)  Instead, I've picked up my neglected alt and have started doing the dailies on her. 

She had been doing them for a while before Karegina's dailies overwhelmed me.  So I've unlocked the Molten Front and am collecting tokens to recruit the Shadow Wardens or the Druids of the Talon.  (The husband is doing them with me on his warrior tank alt as well.)  We've decided to unlock the Druids first since there are more achievements to get there.

However, I don't know who to unlock first.  I know that I want to unlock the moonwell for the trinket.  But we unlocked the moonwell first last time.  And I told the husband that he could choose first this time, which means we might do the blacksmith first.  Which means that my priest could get a pair of gloves.  (She has the BOE gloves from the Zandalari heroics.)  If we do the ancients first, she could get a ring.  (She has a 333 and a 346 ring right now.)  But, if we unlock the moonwell, I get a offhand and a trinket!!  (I have really crappy trinkets, I don't even have the TB one yet.)

So.  My plan right now for my priest is to unlock the Druids, then the Shadow Wardens and then go along with the husband's requests first.  All the while doing as many Tol Barad dailies as I can to get my trinket.  (I did get the weapon from TB already.  I know I could get the weapon made but that won't happen for a while.)

In other news, I have a new alt.  A tauren priest.  As of 11:30 am Pacific time, she's level 34 and she's a shadow cow :)  I love it :)  Except when I switch from doing dailies on my level 85 priest (who quests as disc) to leveling my baby priest, it weirds me out because the controls as so different :)

And in real life news, this weekend my husband decided he'd start painting our house.  And as a side 'quest', he would replace the outside water spigots.  Well, when he replaced the one in the front, he caused a pipe under the house to come apart and now we have no water.  It's dripping something crazy, even with the water turned off.  So we can't repair it properly.  (By 'we', I mean the husband and my stepfather and my father in law.)  And I need to do laundry today.  This is so awesome.  Heh.


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