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Friday, August 12, 2011
In my group of friends, it's well known that I love the WoW parody music video scene.  For some reason, the idea of popular music set with WoW related lyrics tickles me.  I also like original songs about WoW too, pretty much anything that is WoW related makes me happy.

I got into the music when I was going through Youtube and found a video by Nyhm about Kara.  It made me laugh, plus I actually liked the original song.  I would play it on repeat during our Kara raids.  And I linked it on my guild webpage so everyone else could hear it too.

I loved all of Nyhm's videos.  My favorite is probably "Just Loot It".  I didn't know the original song but the parody was so awesome.

Nyhm introduced me to Summergale which in turn introduced me to another song that I fell in love with.

From there, my obsession grew.  I discovered Greyfoo, and my favorite parody artist ever, EmberIsolte.  She has not come out with a WoW parody that I haven't liked yet.  And she's done a couple about druids!!  (None about tree druids yet, but I know that's coming up!)

I drive my husband up the wall when I run around the house singing the Meow song.  My cat, however, loves it and will meow back at me.

Some of these songs you can download for free or for a small fee.  (I've not actually bought any songs yet but I have most of the free ones.)  I burned them onto a CD so I can listen to them while I drive around.  (Of course, the CD player in my car is busted now and the CD player in my van won't read burned CDs.  What the hell universe?)

Now, what caused me to post about this?  Nyhm put out a new WoW original song that made me laugh.  It really summed up a lot of players attitudes.  (At least players that I run across.)

I love that he can make fun of himself.  What are some of your favorite videos?  Do you have any?


  1. Anachan said...:

    Oh, brother, that last one sounds like some people I've met . . .

    I loved the Ulduar song when it came out, too, especially because at the time, it seemed to be a large leap ahead of what we'd been seeing in the world of WoW machinima.

    I like some EmberIsolte better than others. I like Sharm and Cryssy's "WarLock" parody waaaay better than "TicToc", lol, despite their desire that Druids' HoTs be nerfed. ;)

    I have loved a lot of WoW music videos, not all parodies . . . Cranius' "Darrowshire" (if you remember the old epic quest chain), Billy Maclure (parody of and homage to Michael Jackson) . . . and there is, of course, the video to the song "Here Without You", where the undead warrior hunts down and takes revenge on the warlock who killed him and his wife. (And ask my children to sing just about anything by Oxhorn . . . They used to have the "ROFLMAO" routine down pat, and my 10-yr-old complained today that "The Great Kodo" was stuck in her head . . .)

    Have to say, though, that my favorite WoW Parody is "Chase the Tank." JUST KIDDING!! REALLY!

  1. Yeah. I've discovered that I like the parodies more then the original songs. Which is awesome because it makes me feel like a part of a group that not everyone is a member of!

    I will actually sing the parody lyrics while listening to the actual song :)

    I love Cranius as well :) His "Don't Make Me Get My Main" song is classic! Darrowshire has made me cry too. And Oxhorn amuses me :) He feels like the 'papa' of WoW songs :)

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