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Tuesday, August 9, 2011
I finished my WoW 20 in 20 this last Sunday.  I really enjoyed doing that.  It was nice to write every day.  Now I'm at a place where I want to write but I'm unsure what to talk about.  It's very frustrating.

Also, my doctor has started fiddling with my medication, making my moods slightly unstable.  (One of my medication was causing me to have a reaction that, while not life threatening, is painful and annoying.  So she's taking me off it and replacing it with another one.)  As a result, I'm feeling depressed and unmotivated.  And that's coming across in my playing.

My last post was mostly written before the change in my medication, but the end was written after I started to 'crash'.  I'm not a good editor when this happens.  Oh well.

I made a new priest.  A moocow shadow priest.  She's level 26 now.  She's adorable.  I made a list and I have 16 horde toons that are level 20 or above on my server that I play on.  Apparently I love me some alts.  What I need to do is level my shaman so I have a high level skinner and then level my pally.  That would wrap up all the alts that I had at max level in Wrath.  Then I need to get my warlock and death knight up there.  Then my rogue.  THEN my hunter and warrior.  Can you tell I don't like melee classes as much as casters?

That will get me 1 of each class at 85.  I wonder if I can actually buckle down and do it?  Heh.  I want to try!

I know I'm an altaholic.  And I love it.


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