Dailies and Randoms and Raids, Oh my!

Sunday, August 7, 2011
Ever since Blizzard implemented the idea of quests you can do every day, I've thought to myself 'Why? Why would I spend 30-60 minutes a day (sometimes more) doing the same quests over and over and OVER again?' When Sunwell came out, I half-heartedly did them to make my husband happy.  Sure, I got some gold but having gold is not something that drives me to do things in game.

During Wrath, I did just enough dailies to get all my faction reps to exalted and to get a few pets from the Argent Tournament.  However, I did do my jewelcrafting daily every day, unless I was not near a computer that day.  (I think I missed maybe 7 days total on my JC daily.)  But I disliked the grind.  I hate to grind things out.

Well, now we're in Cata and there's the Molten Front dailies.  I've done them all, unlocked the entire area and yet I'm still going back every day.  Why?  I want those silly achievements.  However, I don't really care abut achievements!  What's wrong with me?  I'm two mobs away from my Death from Above achievement and then I just have the Firey Lords of Sethria's Roost and then I have 1 mob to kill for the Ready for Raiding II achievement.  I want that Flamebreaker title.  And it's driving me crazy that I don't have it yet.

Speaking of dailies, when Blizzard put those quest npcs in Shattrath that would send you somewhere each day to collect something from someone in either a heroic or a regular instance, I was skeptical.  I didn't want to have to run instances every day.  How boring, more grinding.

In Wrath, they kept the same model for a while but then they put in the Random Dungeon Finder and gave that a bonus.  Hence I started to pug, for a title and a pet.  I hate every second of it, but I did it because I wanted that title.  I didn't do it every day because, like I said earlier, I hate grinding.  Everyone would ask if I wanted to do to 'my daily random' and I would always say 'Oh no thank you, not today'.

Now, they've made it better.  I love that I can run as many dungeons at one time and get all the points I need at my own pace.  It doesn't seem like a grind now.  It's something fun I can do with my friends on nights that we're not raiding or on the weekends when I have 6 hours to spend chain running dungeons.

However, the only raid I've stepped foot in the last few months has been Baradon Hold.  We're down a couple people again for raiding.  My mage guildie who just had a baby has quit WoW indefinitely which makes me sad but real life trumps WoW every time.  Another one of my guildies has disappeared as well.  So we're down two people out of 10 and while we've gotten a new hunter (who I love) we're still down one person.

We're not actively recruiting because we're not sure what we want to do.  Also, our server is pretty dead and the pool of recruits is pretty poor.  It's really depressing but I don't know what to do to fix it.  I look around at other bloggers and eye their guilds but who would want to take a resto druid who's only been in Firelands to grind rep.  Especially one who comes with a prot pally, a resto shaman and either a prot/fury warrior or a mage.

I don't know.  Sometimes I feel like giving up.  But I'm not ready to be done with WoW yet.  It's too much fun and I know that if I can find a niche, I'll be happy.  But I can't find that niche.


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