Day 19 – In your bags/bank

Friday, August 5, 2011
My bags and bank are a disaster.

Right now, I have a full kitty set in my bank along with many other old shoulders, hats and tier tokens I've picked up over old raids we've done.  I also have tons of holiday items that I've gotten from doing each meta achievement for the purple protodrake.  Add in 2 bag of current gems and 1 bag of current enchanting materials and it's just a mess. 

Okay, so maybe it doesn't look messy right now.  But I did just spend some time cleaning it up.  (AKA sending everything to my bank alt.)

I have a bank alt that has a 5 tab guild bank plus his bags and his bank.  All my low level crap goes there.  I have a tab for enchanting, a tab for crafting mats, a tab for mining, a tab for gems and stones and questing mats, a tab for runecloth/netherweave and another tab for random crap.

My bank is semi organized right now because I just put a ton of stuff up on the auction house. 

In my bags I have 1 bag full of food, drink, potions, flasks and things like that.  I have two empty bags, 1 bag that's half full of PVP equipment and moonkin gear and then half a bag of random crap like fishing poles, hearthstones, etc.

At least I have close to 3 bags empty!!


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