The pain, it burns.

Thursday, January 5, 2012
It's Thursday night, after raid.  This is my 3rd or 4th raid sitting here in my chair, not being in vent but listening to my husband talk to the others and watching raid chat, trying to piece together the conversations.  This headache is slowly killing me.  I have an appointment with a neurologist this coming Monday.  I'm afraid of what they might find but mostly afraid of what they don't find.

Last night, we did wonderful, pretty much one shot-ing the Siege of Wyrmrest Temple and then moving on to Ultraxion.  Ultraxion took us 6 tries but we finally got him/her down.  I managed to get my first dropped piece of loot too!  Yay!  I love upgrades.  However, the end part of Ultraxion, when Nozdormu throws out his ability and the time-y wime-y sound hits?  Yeah, my head turns off and I lose it.  I spent the 5 seconds that you're supposed to use to press Inner Will (before Hour of Twilight) trying to press my "Your Innervate is ready' key.  Wiped our raid with 200K left on the boss.  Sorry guys.  :(

As a result of my darling headache, my WoW time has drastically cut itself down.  PvP makes me frustrated and that makes the headache worse.  Raiding is very unsatisfying at the moment because the pain makes it feel like a slog.  It doesn't help that I'm a druid and share tier pieces with 3 other classes, of which we have at least 1 of each, plus extras sometimes.  This is me whining at you Blizzard!

I'm not willing to give up my gaming.  As a result of this, I have become very cranky and short almost everywhere else.  But small things make me happy.  Here is my guild gathering to start raid from yesterday.  And the druid is me, with my adoptive kitten that I just got from the Darkmoon  Faire.

And then, when I logged on today, I went to visit my Warchief.

He threatened to send a crew from the Warsong Lumber Camp to 'deal' with me but I will brave that!

And lastly, my guild spent the evening dealing with Warmaster Blackhorn.  And I proceeded to make poems, except they don't rhyme.

I was then told not to say things like "I am the light and the dark" because that sounds wacky!  I should have said that it sounds wacky because I am wacky.  But then my husband told me to stop laying on the ship's deck and actually heal.  I wasn't going to get to tank the floor.  Spoilsport.

I'll leave with my screenshot from today's raid gathering.  My guild boarding the ship.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    GRRRRRR I told you no hugging! BAH!! Coniferous pest!!

    Garrosh Hellscream
    (Increasingly Irritated) Warchief of the Horde

  1. Karegina said...:

    The husband said you wouldn't like it, but I needed a hug. I REGRET NOTHING!

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