Karegina, Destroyer's End

Monday, February 20, 2012
I went into my WoW weekend feeling excited and hopeful.  Last week, we had come so close to downing Deathwing, I knew that we could do it ... we just had to get it all lined up right and then BAM!  Acheivements.

So, Saturday night, we gather together and start the raid.  We breeze through the first couple bosses, try for an achievement here and there, and stopped at Madness.  We did throw a couple (4-6 attempts) at Madness but it was really late (almost midnight server time, which is also Pacific time) so the East Coasters really had to get to sleep.

During raid that night, the loot council smiled upon me and I was gifted with my 4 piece tier 13 bonus.  So I used my valor points and bought my chest piece.  So I went to bed really late and really happy! :)

Sunday, I got up and did some fishing.  Got fishy feast made up and then went off to my old server and transferred over my mage.  I had thought I would transfer over my priest, however, I neeed my herbalist/alchemist.  So over she came.  I set her to do some quests so she could unlock Twilight Highlands (so she could farm Twilight Jasmine) and managed to push the guild just over the line to level 9!  I also respecced her from transmutation master to elixir master!  Yay!

Then it was time for raid.  So into Dragon Soul we go.  And either 3 or 4 attempts on Deathwing later, we downed him!  My first time and a new title.


  1. Lilpeanut said...:

    Alot of accomplishments this weekend.. gratz!! :D

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