4.3! YAY! or not?

Wednesday, November 30, 2011
So, yesterday 4.3 hit the live realms and everyone was excited and happy and joyous.  My little guild started running the new heroics so they could unlock them all and do the quests.  Every 10-15 minutes SOMEONE was getting an achievement for one of the 3 heroics.

When I logged on, I got my addons fixed almost right away.  The ones I didn't get updated all loaded nicely so I had no problems at all there.  The second thing I did was drop my Glyph of Wild Growth.  Since I only run dungeons and 10 man raids, what's the point?  Over half the time, my 6th person is usually an imp or a hunter pet.  I don't love them that much.  (Sorry hunters and warlocks!)

So, I start to put together a group.  I get my husband to tank, my favorite mage to dps and then my best friend logs in.  I ask her if she wants to come with us and she said yes and that her husband would want to come too!  That was 5 people so after sorting out addons and role checks, we started.  We had the follow classes: Prot Pally, Fury Warrior, Fire Mage, Kitty Druid and Resto Shaman.  (FIRE KITTEH!)

I died to the first Echo in our End of Time run which was Sylvanas.  So I watched the group down her from the safety of my corpse.  I also died to the trash leading up to the second Echo, which was Bayne.  And apparently my husband didn't hear me when I said "Those fire things that move HURT" because he was almost killed by one a little later.  *facepalm*  Over all though, that was a lot of fun.  I love seeing new stuff with my friends :)

I also discovered that I'm a really piss poor melee.  I just smash my buttons and try to follow the boss around.  My husband drags those suckers around like they're dancing with him.  He and I are going to have a 'talk' about this I think.  Especially if I keep dpsing as kitty.

The 2nd run, Well of the Ancients, was a bit more frustrating for me.  First of all, when Illidan would put us into 'stealth' mode, it would change my bar to my 'stealth' bar for kitty, which apparently I haven't set up yet.  (It was all healing spells.)  And then, every. single. time. I would leave combat, I would pop OUT of kitty form into night elf form.  And UGH!  I'm a moocow, why would I want to be an elf?

So, that was sucky.  And sometimes it would pop me out of form between me killing mobs.  I told my group that this must be Blizzard's new way to get us Druids to shift more, simply kick us out of form at the end of combat.

The end fight was another one that I died on, so I watched it from the safety of the ground with my fury warrior buddy.  I had to chase down Illidan to turn in my quest, punk.  But it was still an epic fight.  A++++ would dungeon again!

Then we headed to hang out with Thrall.  I'd already see this from tenmanbear's view a while ago, so I was ready and knew what would happen.  I managed to live through the whole thing as well did semi okay dps.  I managed to pick up a 378 staff and got a 378 ring plus some 378 boots.  So, I have all 378's equipped now AND I'm slightly over the 2005 haste break point now.  I tried to go reforge but the reforger dude was bugged.

I then logged on my priest alt and transmogged her shoulders to Ulduar shoulders, her offhand to Sindragosa's offhand, her weapon to the mace that dropped off 25 man Lich King, and her robe to Ulduar robes!  She looks adorable.  I'll actually post pictures later tonight, I just didn't have time to get them uploaded before work.

And tonight we head into the Dragon Soul raid!  Woot!  So excited!


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