Shared Topic: Dear Pandaren, what class should I roll?

Thursday, November 10, 2011
Hi guys, Thought to share this idea about knowing What class are you playing with the new race Pandaren on the new upcoming expansion (Mists of Pandaria)?. I know most players are excited to role as a Monk, but there are lots of options to choose from, Are you going to be a Pandaren healer, melee, caster dps or a tank? Please share your thoughts! Thanks!

 I love me some healers.  I really do.  Right now, at level 85, I have my beloved resto druid who is my apple of my eye, a holy priest who is my primary alt, a prot pally (who has a holy offspec), and a mage (who is only around to make me alchemy things and farm herbs).  At level 81, I have a elemental shaman who spent more time in Wrath as resto then anything else (she healed 10 man Lich King on an alt run we did back in July of 2010) and then my little rogue that has been half-assed leveled for the last 3 or 4 or 5 years.

At this point in time, if I'm going to have any new characters I either need to get a 3rd account or I need to delete some of my precious babies.

But, Pandaren, I must have them.  I know I will end up leveling a few of them and probably race changing at least one of my current toons to a Panda.  I know I want a Pandaren Monk.  And I'll probably race change my hunter (level 76) to be a Panda too.  I will probably end up leveling a couple other classes as well but will probably burn out on them early on.  (I have a 75 undead warlock but I'm more interested in my level 70 troll warlock.)

But my Pandaren Monk will be a healer.  Because that is what I do.  My healers all have dps offspecs but I am a healer through and through.  There is no changing that!!

By the way, here's a list of my current toons I have on my server:

level 85 resto/kitty tauren druid
level 85 holy/shadow blood elf priest
level 85 fire goblin mage
level 85 prot/holy blood elf paladin
level 81 combat undead rogue
level 81 elemental/resto orc shaman
level 76 beast mastery blood elf hunter
level 76 blood troll death knight
level 75 affliction undead warlock
level 70 demonology troll warlock
level 62 elemental goblin shaman
level 50 fire orc mage
level 42 ret tauren paladin
level 41 shadow tauren priest
level 40 arms goblin warrior
level 34 kitty troll druid
level 17 bank blood elf priest

Plus I have a worgen warrior and a dwarf priest that I can't remember their names so I can't look them up on the armory!  I have too many characters.  When you look at a name in the guild list and you can't remember who that person is and then you realize it's you, yeah, makes me feel stupid!  But that's 19 toons on that server.  My husband only has 1 account (for now).  And the funny thing is, I can't figure out who to delete to make room for my Panda!


  1. Amerence said...:

    Holy Molly ravioli!!! You sure do have a lot of of characters!!!! Well I say Good Luck to whatever you do either making a panda monk, or race change I hope you won't regret anything. But with all that toons I'm sure whatever you decide you are excited and fun! Take care!

  1. Mia said...:

    wow! You do have a lot of characters O_o Wow!

  1. I like to level. I have about as many of these toons Alliance side too. 14 on another server and 2 on my main server. This doesn't include the toons I've rolled on OTHER servers to check them out and stuff. I'm insane :)

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