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Sunday, November 27, 2011
My holiday weekend was relaxed, yet crazy.  Friends, family, etc.  I have been playing a bit of WoW, but almost all day Thursday was taken up by gatherings, and then Saturday was taken up with my usual Saturday 'stuff'.  But that's enough about that!  On to the screenshots!

Ah, Thrallmar.  I remember when BC came out and I was SO excited to go level IN SPACE!  And then I got to Thrallmar and Hellfire Pennisula and ended up sick because of the angles.  I got to the point where I would level to 60 and then move on to Zangermarsh!

However, before I would leave, I would usually have one or two run ins with my best friend, the Fel Reaver.

I have yet to figure out how something so big can sneak up on me!!  It even trumpets!!

Besides hiding from the fel reaver, I have spent my Thanksgiving holiday making rogue toons for anyone in my guild who needs them.  For my favorite shadow priest, I made a dwarf, and for my husband, I swear I made one of everything.  I would have him summon my Horde toons to Org so I could stand there and be a turkey.

I also ended up doing some farming for copper so my goblin warrior could switch professions from blacksmithing to engineering.  And while I was doing that, I can across these shots.

I also decided to do a little project.  And I'm going to put these pictures on my 10 to 85 project page.  But here are some of my toons.

This is Sinia, she's my 85 prot pally who dabbles in holy pvp even though she's never actually done a battleground.

This is Asmini, my 85 disc (now) priest, who enjoys melting faces as shadow in PVP.

This is Karegina.  My 85 resto druid, who will do anything she wants to.  Sometimes it's boomkin, currently it's feral because FIRE KITTEH!

Here is Annanda, my formerly undead, now 85 goblin mage.  I think she's fire right now but really, she's just transmute specced!!

And here is Duvessa, my 85 combat rogue.  I can't believe I got her up there.  She was just a side project I was working on.

Now, we get into my 'unfinished' alts.

This is Paraptraz.  She's level 76, a blood death knight.  I haven't played her since July.  But I'll get back to her!

Here you see Gazley, my arms warrior, as of 10:13am Pacific time on November 26th, is level 62.  She'll be fury when she can get Titansgrip!

This is Rokaria, my elemental shaman who likes to heal people in her off time.  She's level 83 at the moment!

This is Arcina, my level 76 beast mastery hunter.  And that's Sven with her.  I like hunters because pets are fluffy and cute! /wowcrendor

And this is my level 70 demonology warlock, Zillarinzul.  I have another warlock at level 75 or 76 but I'll probably not level her for a while.

So, yeah.  Screenshot dump there.  And in parting, I'll leave you with two screenies I took in Deepholm.


  1. Jamin said...:

    Really cool screenshots :)

    - Jamin

  1. Karegina said...:

    Thanks. I've started taking a ton. It's a lot of fun! I'd forgotten that!

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