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Wednesday, November 30, 2011
As luck would have it, today I ended up with a horrible headache and my office computer died.  So not a lot of anything was done today in preparation for raid tonight.  But, we did get into the new Dragon Soul raid and managed to get a couple bosses down, all while battling the Vent server boss.

We managed to one shot Morchok and felt very proud of ourselves!  And then we headed off to Yor'sahj the Unsleeping.  Which could be what I do now I suppose.  I'm Karegina the Unsleeping.  (Except I'm totally going to bed soon because I'm not feeling well.)

This was when we started to have problems with our Vent server.  And an hour and a half later ....

Stupid Vent server.  We now have a new one though.  This one was a pain in the ass too often!!  This picture is without our death knight.  He ran off and couldn't make it back in time for a picture.  Silly guy.

We go back in tomorrow night.  So yeah.  We won't be one of those guilds who gets 7/8 their first night in.  Nor will we probably be 7/8 our first week.  But damnit, we're going to do this and we'll be successful!

Except maybe on this trash.  Because I really hate this trash.

And bonus screenshot!!

This is my priest and my best friend's shaman after their transmog adventures.  My shaman buddy is sporting a pretty pink shield (from Mags) and my priest is sporting a couple tiers worth of gear (ICC offhand and weapon, Ulduar shoulders and robe).  I think we're very dashing together!!


  1. Was the first boss too easy for you ?

  1. Karegina said...:

    The first boss was pretty easy. We're having problems with the Pong boss but that's because we're 2 healing it. We have a new plan for this coming week!

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