Tuesday, November 29, 2011
So, my usual morning routine is as follows: 1. Get woken up by the husband at 6am, 2. Ride my exercise bike for 20 minutes, 3. Get some breakfast, 4. Play WoW until 7:35, and finally, 5. Get ready for work.  However, there is maintenance this morning in WoW, so you all get a post.

Last night, my guild took a few people (8 to be precise) and ventured into Ulduar.

We had good times!  My priest had never been and we ended up clearing the place and getting a lot of the achievements out of the way!

I didn't get a lot of pictures of us at all the bosses, but I did get pictures of my favorite things in Ulduar.

I love the stained glass.  I think it's beautiful.  Also, here's an action shot of my guildies!!

And here are more shots of the windows.

Also, don't you  hate it when you're lining up the perfect shot and some goddamn tourist walks into the frame.  

And finally, we reached Yogg.  

No cool shots of Yogg because I was healing my butt off and trying to not get driven insane.  (Too late Yoggy boy!!)

But then, we went and had fun with Algalon.  

I love Ulduar!!  It's a lot of fun to head there and kill stuff.  Plus, I'm now really close to my drake!!  Yay!  Anyway, I'd better wrap this up!  So, I just wanted to tell my guild I love them and it's awesome fun to go kill internet dragons with you!!


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