Monday, November 28, 2011
As I level another toon through Deepholm and Twilight Highlands, I find myself wishing that there were alternatives.  The first couple times through Deepholm, I was happy and excited because I loved the story line, it felt epic and that made me happy.

I also loved Twilight Highlands.  The quests were interesting, the battles exciting and the whole 'This is Dragonmaw' thing, AWESOME!

However, this weekend I finished up Deepholm for the 6th time.  And tonight I will be doing the intro quests for Twilight Highlands.  I swear, by the 6th time, I should be allowed to point to the bad guy and say "This is a bad guy" and slay him in front of Garrosh.  I shouldn't have to go 'investigate' anything.  I've done this before dude, I KNOW!

I felt this way about Storm Peaks back in Wrath.  Now, I won't go there at all.  You can't pay me to take my alts through that zone.  And I have a feeling that this is what it will be like in MoP.  I will avoid Hyjal and Deepholm because I am 'required' to go through those zones now.  I will admit that I only did Icecrown 2 or 3 times because I could level to 80 without them.  However, I took all my skinners, herbalists and miners through Sholazar Basin.  But that was fun because I would come out of there with a TON of materials!

Speaking of materials, one of my guildies was giving away their 6 tab guild bank.  I said I could use it and then forgot about it for a week or so.  Well, last night I finally installed Altoholic and this morning I got it all set up. Hot damn do I have a lot of mats.  1 guild bank tab full of old dust (plus extras), 1 guild bank tab full of old ore, 1 guild bank tab full of old gems, 2 guild bank tab full of old cloth, 1 guild bank tab full of old shards and essences.  Seriously, that's a lot of crap!  So, my goal for the next couple days is to get that straightened out!  Wish me luck!


  1. Erinys said...:

    I pvp my way to 85 now. Can't face those cutscenes anymore. It's not as fast as spamming in quests but at least you can get honor/justice points for when you hit 85.

  1. Karegina said...:

    I've thought of that but I'm really horrible with PVP (I barely picked it up on my priest) and my dungeon running won't happen because I'm so shy! (Says the girl with a WoW blog.)

  1. Jamin said...:

    Doesn't matter how bad you are at PVP, still get the XP/Honor. Plus always room for improvement :)

    Plus, 5 mans are viable,

    - Jamin

  1. Unknown said...:

    I am a horrible Altoholic, too. (But now I can check out this addon named after us!)

    The way I have been leveling most recently is through both BG's and dungeons. The low end of a bracket (ie. 60, 61, 62) I do dungeons. The high end of the bracket (ie. 63, 64) I do BGs. It works out pretty well for my Rogue. (Which are soo fun in PvP!)

    Also, if you are shy about dungeons, remember that you can cross-server group for dungeons now, through the RealID system. I am on a lot and usually on a lowbie once my Shaman is all taken care of for the day. If you would like to dungeon, just let me know. :)

    ~ Effy

  1. Karegina said...:

    @Effraeti That would be AWESOME! I have a hard time with PuGs because of various anxiety problems. It's gotten better but still. Heh!

    @Jamin Yeah. I should drag the husband through some! It would be awesome!!

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