Thoughts on the new MoP Talent Calculator and Spells

Wednesday, November 23, 2011
In a break from my picture taking, I noticed that Blizzard released the new MoP Talent Calculator and Spell lists.

The first thing I noticed was Malfurion's Gift reduces the cooldown on Tranquility to 13 minutes.  Boy did that freak me out.  However, I noticed that baseline the cooldown in 8 minutes, so I sure it's just a typo.

However, I did a little more looking and I notice that the resto druids have 'Ironbark' which reduces the target's incoming damage by 20%.  But every other druid has 'Barkskin' in it's old incarnation.  So apparently they're giving us our mitigation cooldown, but removing Barkskin in exchange.

Also, the only druid spec that has an out of combat ress now is Resto.  Also, no one but Resto gets Nourish anymore, or Lifebloom.  Maybe this will make my husband stop whining about druids in PvP.  (Probably not!!)

I do see our version of Wild Mushrooms, but I can't think of a time in a 10 man raid when I'm going to have 4 globals to drop and detonate them.  I'm wondering if things are going to change that much that I'll have extra globals.  I should probably go read up on what Lissanna things about them.  I've been so wrapped up in my own world that I can't think!

However, on looking at the Talents as they are now, I can't imagine taking anything that's going to switch me into Cat or Bear form.  Of course, I can't imagine the upcoming expansion, so I can only think of what I know now.  I know now that shifting into cat or bear form gives me a new bar with cat or bear abilities on it, so when I want to get my healing bar back, I have to click the correct form to shift out.  Also, if I have to go bear or kitty to 'save the raid', the raid is doing it wrong.  (See Heart of the Wild).  

I don't know.  I know it says these things can change, but I'm really underwhelmed and kind of feeling like my chosen role as a Resto Druid is being told "Sorry, if you're a druid, you are a kitty or a bear.  Have a nice day!"

So, yeah.  Those are my thoughts.  Sure hope all the bear, kitty and moonkin druids are in a level 25 guild so they can use mass ress!! :)


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