Radio Silence Broken!

Thursday, November 3, 2011
This past week has been a blur.  On Friday, the 28th, two very special people descended upon my little real life group of WoW players.  One of them is the sister of my best friend, visiting from Germany.  (My bestie is a transplant.  Lucky for me!!)  And the other is another friend of ours, visiting from New York.  Both of these people play WoW with us and have been in our guild for years.  Both of these people played our first online roleplaying game as well.  (Which is actually how we all met in the first place, but that's another story.)

So, we housed our friend from New York and of course, my best friend and her husband housed her sister.  My weekend was one thing after another, I barely had time to log into WoW at all!  I think I got an hour total from Friday until Wednesday evening, which is when our house guest left to make the return trip to New York. 

It was wonderful to see them and even better was on Halloween, another one of our guildies and old friend came out from back East to visit as well.  (They told me where he lived like 5 times but I've completely forgotten again.)  He only stayed for 1 day but he was fun and awesome to see. 

During all this, my best friend, her husband and my husband took off Halloween through Wednesday.  Which was great for them but rough on me.  I got off work early on Monday however to spend some time with them, because my boss is really awesome sometimes.

However, during all of this, I am looking for a new job because my boss is planning on retiring in the next few years and doesn't want me to end up unemployed at the end of it.  So, Friday, when our friends arrived, I ended up picking up our house guest and driving him to drop off a job application.  I made it 5 minutes before 5pm, the application deadline.  However, apparently they liked what they saw because by Monday at 4pm, they had called me and said they wanted me to take a skills test.  So I scheduled that for today at 4pm. 

It was 4 tests: a situations test, a Microsoft Excel test, a Microsoft Word test and a typing test.  I got 100% on the situation test, a 82% on the Excel test, a 75% on the Word test and I typed 75 words per minute.  I'm not feeling very confident right now. 

Which leads me to raid tonight.  Because of her sister visiting, my healing partner won't be raiding for a while.  We 9 man-ed it, two of the spirit axes dropped (that my healing partner has been waiting for this whole time) and the flaming kitteh staff dropped again.  This time, the hunter, who knew I'd been looking for it for a long time, cheered at me and was so happy to see it in my hands.  I promptly respec-ed my offspec to kitty dps from boomkin and went out looking for things to murder.

After a exhausting, yet wonderful, weekend and a horrible day, this was the best thing to happen.


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