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Wednesday, November 23, 2011
So, as I mentioned before, I found where I hid some of my screenshots from before my husband started to play. I even gave them captions there so I would know what I was looking at.

Sinovia was the woman who gave me WoW for my birthday.  While my brother in law gave me a trial, Sin actually bought me the game and shipped it to me.  She took me under her wing and taught me a lot about the game.  Above is the guild we made to 'get away from the rigors of guild leadership'.  It was fun and awesome (even though I wasn't in guild leadership) and we were very silly together.

This is Annanda (who I believe has since been renamed in her travels around the WoW servers).  She's a druid, who I believe was in her 20's in this screenshot.  She's currently level 76 and sitting there.  I was so clueless that while I was feral (I think) I had spirit/int gear.  Heh.

Shortly after BC came out, I was often confronted with this.  I ended up playing my Horde toons a lot more, as I had my Alliance toons on AN.

Throughout my time as Alliance, I saw many funny things.  This was one of my favorites!  Dancing Night Elf men!

While you can't see the golden swoosh, this was a picture of my 2nd 60, my undead mage (who is now a goblin).  I loved mages so much, I made one Alliance side too.  (This was pre-BC.)

This is Laera, my human mage.  I was so so so proud that I was able to buy myself flying and all that.  Even flying around at 60% was better then having to RUN on the GROUND!

However, before there was Laera the mage, there was Laera the rogue.  Here you see her with her friend Kurai in Daughters of the Alliance.  I leveled to 60 in DotA and they were a second home to me.  However, I had to move on when a lot of my friends left the game or moved servers.  I went to play Horde and when I realized where one of my besties went, I went back to Alliance and made Laera the mage.

This is Laera the rogue the day she got her mount.  Back then you could give your gold to another player and have them buy the mount if they had a better discount then you did.  That was nice.  At this point, Laera was an engineer, but soon she'd switch to be a blacksmith.  (Biggest mistake I ever did.)

Gnomes take Uldaman!!  Fear us!!

Do you guys remember when you could take a raid group into Maraudon?  Hehe.

And then you have the holidays on the Alliance side.  I remember when the holidays were simply "It's that time of year! No extra work for you!!"

And I'll leave you with an old Worgen that wants to eat your face.  Be afraid.


  1. Jamin said...:

    Some interesting shots there. The one of you flying on the Ebon Gryphon is really nice :)

    - Jamin

  1. Karegina said...:

    Thanks! I loved it too. I don't have as good as an eye for things as others, but I do decent I think!! :)

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