IntPiPoMo - A Date with My Husband

Tuesday, November 22, 2011
I have mentioned, repeatedly, that I play WoW with my husband.  He started playing so that he could spend more time with me, which I love and appreciate.  However, we often spend our time doing things the other doesn't enjoy or care to do.  For him, that's leveling thousands of alts and for me that's grinding out insane amount of achievements. 

However, eventually, one of us will turn to the other and say: "What do YOU want to do tonight?"  And if it's me, I usually say "I'd like to level X alt or run Y dungeon".  And if it's him, he usually says "Yes".

Tonight, I made a deal with him.  When I got my goblin warrior to 60, I would level an alt with one of his alts.  This morning, I dinged 58 on my warrior and headed to Outlands.  Tonight, he invited me to group and while we ate dinner (Perfect Corn Chowder), he ran my warrior through Hellfire Ramparts and Blood Furnace.  I didn't get any screenshots from Ramps, but here is our 'date' night.

Ah, so romantic isn't it?  The shouts of Mag, the stench of fel orc.  How can a woman's heart not melt?  Of course, this is mostly what I saw as I was running behind.

That's my husband, the nameplate you see way off in the distance.  Throughout the instance he would turn to me and ask "What's taking so long, can we have class outside?!?!?!"  (From a How I Met Your Mother episode in season 5.)

I tried to change into a fel orc to make things faster, but no luck.  My skin just turned a slightly different shade of green.  However, after an 'incident' with a stealthed rogue, he stayed closer.

I think he didn't want to have to ress me.  Or maybe not listen to my telling him he shouldn't have gone so far ahead and let me die.

Oh, darn.  Had to ress me anyway.  By the way, those technician bombs hurt really bad at level.  I had forgotten that.  (There were three buried under the bodies I was looting.)

So, after 2 runs in Ramps and 2 runs in Blood Furnace, I got my level 60 on my warrior and we moved our 'date' to our older alts.  Specifically, my shaman and his druid.  

The orc female dance is something that makes me laugh every time I see it.  One of my best friends (who played WoW when I was beginning, but no longer plays, and who I actually met through WoW) had rolled a orc warlock on a new server with a handful of others.  We met up to exchange bags and gear and money and stuff, and she started to dance.  Suddenly she burst out laughing and said that she will never do that again.  It's too embarrassing. 

Anyway, back to our date.  My shaman's hot tauren hunk of man took her on a romantic moonlight cruise (with about 15 other orcs) but oh no!

The druid tried to defend the ship, but the beast was simply too much for him!!  They went along, looking for faster ways of travel.  Turtles didn't cut it.

Apparently they're too tasty!  And very very slow.  But a seahorse was found to do the trick nicely.  Unfortunately, there isn't any room on the seahorse for the shaman's pet cat, Jayne.  Poor Jayne.  Left to swim behind his adoptive momma.  

Just a note: Since I started playing WoW, I have gone through 3 or 4 computer 'incarnations'. As a result, I have lost many many MANY screenshots that I have taken over the years.  However, I just discovered some of my favorites from back during Vanilla, when I was mostly playing Alliance.  Below is a sample.

I will post a few more from the 'old days' later.  But man.  Those bring back memories!!


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