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Monday, November 21, 2011
As I'm a new blogger, I'm not sure if this is an annual thing but this Thanksgiving, Blog Azeroth is doing a Thanksgiving event just to express your thankfulness to the bloggers who have made you who you are today.

The format can be anything, poems, stories, videos, etc.  I briefly thought of making a quilt with druid-y things on it, take a picture of it and then post that.  But I didn't have enough time to do what I wanted to do.  (However, a druid quilt will be done.  I can see it in my head!!)  So instead, I will write a little story, and hope that this is okay.


Once, a long time ago, a little tauren druid was born.  Her older sister, a undead mage, got most of the attention but her mother always had a soft spot for that baby druid.  She nurtured it and raised her until she got to the mid 30's (which did take a little while in Vanilla), all the while healing her little heart out.  Her older sister decided to start playing in the battlegrounds so she could get a title like Sergeant, as everyone of her friends had some kind of a title since they were members of the Horde.  Because she loved her sister so much, she started to play in Warsong Gulch.  Her first duty was to follow the flag carrier and make sure he didn't die.  (She got really good at that.)

Suddenly, a dark portal opened and the druid's mage sister took off.  She went to a magical place called "Outlands" and left the poor druid all alone, forgotten.  However, eventually attention came back to the baby druid and lo, the druid found many friends to grow up with.  She switched from healing to nom-ing faces as a kitty.  And as she grew, she longed for the day that she could go from nom-ing faces to healing her friends with leafy tree heals.

Finally, it was the druid's turn to go to the mystical Outlands.  And when she finally reached the point where she was strong enough to enter the raids, she once again became a healer, and finally achieved her goal of being a beautiful tree, with a stately waddle and a swaying cast motion.  And to learn to heal, she looked on the magical World Wide Web and found the amazing Phaedra,  And she followed Phaedra's advice and adventures, learning to trust her HoTs and doing her best to make everyone stay alive.  The druid loved Phaedra and would constantly check up on her.  She wanted to be just like her!  So smart, so articulate!

Then it became time to journey to Northrend and this time, the druid went before her mage sister. She got big and strong, again, and started exploring the raids there.  She still followed Phaedra's advice but Phaedra had an amazing real life adventure to start on, so she stopped writing.  The druid was sad and didn't know where to turn.  She had an idea that maybe she could give advice like Phaedra, but she was too tired all the time and very grumpy.

It came as a whisper from her best tauren shaman friend (who turned into a troll and then later a goblin) but she discovered Keeva also gave out resto druid advice.  So she started following Keeva's advice.  Sometimes she disagreed with Keeva, but she always listened to her and did the best she could.  And through Keeva, she discovered Jaslya and Vixsin and so many others.  And she read them all and discussed their information with her best friend (the now troll shaman) and her husband (a blood elf paladin, who is a girl).

The druid killed the Lich King, and managed to tame a bone dragon.  Then the world was torn asunder and everything changed.  She had to relearn to heal and she was frustrated often.  And she saw she was not alone by reading her blog list.  And she longed to be like them.

But the druid was getting more tired and more grumpy.  So one day, she joked that she would make a blog like everyone else.  But she would write funny stories about the stupid things her guild would do.  And one day, in a fit of rage, she made a blog called The Reluctant Raider.  And she made a post in it (which has since been deleted) about how much she hated healing meters and how not to endear yourself to the current healers when you are new.

And she got more tired.  But she kept reading the other blogs and she learned and was inspired and felt that yes, she CAN do this.  Her husband took her to the doctor and they figured out the reason for her exhaustion and fixed it.  Now the druid, while still cranky, is not tired and has energy to write.  So, she picked up her keyboard and sat down.

And everyday, the druid gives thanks that Phaedra, Keeva, Jaslya, Vixsin and so many others inspired her to write.  And that they give her feed back on her writing.  Everyday it gets easier to put herself out there.



  1. Amergamer said...:

    Great story! would be awesome if you did posted the quilt! but that's okay! and yes you can do it! and share it to us when its done. Anyway, It was a good read hon, Thanks for joining in! I thought I already added you in the list but totally overwhelmed with so many participants that sometimes we forget things! I already updated it and of course your added! <3 Good Luck with your entry! =)

    P.S Is it just me or whatever it is Sorry it's probably my eyes going blind now! (>.<), I suggest having to lighten up your font color of the links of your template to make it easier on the eyes! =) And please delete the first post! I accidentally posted it twice! =( Sorry!

  1. Karegina said...:

    Thank you! I didn't even notice they were so dark. I just lightened them up. I hope that's better!!

  1. Amergamer said...:

    wooot! way better! =D and the neon green matches the leaf background awesome! =)

  1. Jamin said...:

    What a nice take on the topic!

    - Jamin

  1. Karegina said...:

    Thank you! I love to tell stories :) Though I'm not that great at it :) I didn't get my father's story telling ability!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Loved your story and I really, really cant' wait to see the quilt!

  1. Angelya said...:

    Lovely story, and best of luck with the quilt. There are many, many druids out there who I think would be most interested to see (and place orders)! Keep up the great work :)

  1. Karegina said...:

    My plan is to get the pattern written up and then make it available for others!! :) I'll post pictures and all that of my progress :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I, too, want to see the druid quilt!

    I'm glad you have a good husband to take you to the doctor and help you feel better. That's a great blessing, indeed.

  1. Karegina said...:

    I'm going to have to post this. Hmm. Pictures!!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Great read, gained a lot of insight. You are an amazing person that truly cares about others & the blogging community as a whole.

    Thank you for participating in this year's Thanksgiving & Winter's Veil events over on Blog Azeroth. I hope you like your gift, there is something special attached to it, & lots of thought behind it. :)

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